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Peamore Centre Alphington

Exeter Devon EX2 9SL


Your local business estate

situated on the A379 close to the

M5 and A30


Space To Store

Our secure self-storage units provide the perfect, low-cost solution – with more cubic capacity for your money!*…

Commercial: do you need temporary or long-term storage for excess or seasonal stock? Use our units as flexible warehousing to purchase in bulk or cope with the overflow.

Business: is your office overcrowded? Store furniture, materials and infrequently-used exhibition equipment, or archive important paperwork, to create valuable room.

Domestic: are you moving house, being transferred overseas, converting a loft or garage or clearing clutter before selling? Store your goods safely and make more space.

Student: are you leaving your student accommodation for the holidays? Pack your stuff into boxes and use our short-term, affordable storage – so you can travel home light.

We offer:
Dry, clean and inexpensive storage solutions
High security, with CCTV and perimeter fences
A secure locking system – with your own key
Ground level and vehicular access to units
Sack-trucks and trolleys for ease of loading
Straightforward rental agreements
Flexible short or long-term hire
Extremely competitive prices!
Good site opening hours, seven days a week
A large selection of packaging materials
A collection and delivery service for archiving
Friendly, helpful staff to make the job hassle-free
Prices: from as little as £80 per month – with more cubic capacity for your money!* We offer an 18%
increase in cubic capacity – NOT 18% higher prices. Call us today to discuss prices and sizes.
*When comparing our prices to those of our competitors, please note that our containers are 18% higher and therefore provide increased storage capacity of 18%.